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'''The Jimmy Swift Band''' ('''JSB''') is a Canadian indie rock band from Halifax Urban Area|Halifax that combines elements of Rock music|rock, Jam band|jam, and electronica. Composed of Craig Mercer on guitar and vocals, Mike MacDougall on bass guitar|bass, Aaron Collier on electronic keyboard|keyboards and effects, and Nick Wombolt on drum kit|drums, the band has been most often described as rocktronica (genre)|rocktronica.
AliasFly Jimmy Swift, JSB
OriginHalifax Urban Area|Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Genreindie rock
Years active1999{{dash}}2014
Associated actsGrand Theft Bus, Slowcoaster, Dr. dFunkt, Scientists of Sound
Current membersCraig Mercer
Mike MacDougall
Aaron Collier
Nick Wombolt
Past membersJake Smith
Aaron Farr
Bob Deveau
Keith Mullins
Paul Christian
Douglas Cameron
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